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Taking Flight and Crashing Down: Our DJI Mavic 3 Cine Adventure in Video Production

A Tale of Bird Dodging, Food Truck Summits, and 11 Episodes Triumphantly Delivered!

In the dynamic world of video production, our DJI Mavic 3 Cine took an unexpected dive, costing us about 6 grand – all because our digital creator fancied himself an avian protector, swerving to avoid feathery collisions. Yes, you read that right – the crash happened while our drone pilot was gracefully dodging birds in the pursuit of cinematic perfection.

Picture this: our digital creator, with the nimbleness of an aerial dancer, skillfully avoiding winged obstacles. Alas, his airborne ballet took an unintended turn, resulting in a costly rendezvous between technology and gravity.

Enter our creative director, not as a culinary maestro but as a leader steering the ship through rough aerial waters. Instead of letting frustration simmer, he served up a hefty portion of positivity. "We'll tackle this later at the Airbnb. For now, let's maintain the energy on set," he declared. It became a crash course in professionalism, demonstrating our ability to adapt even when the skies seemed determined to test us.

Later discussions at the Airbnb involved addressing the mishap, but the key takeaway was our commitment to keeping the positive energy flowing on set. We understood the importance of not letting a drone hiccup disrupt the flow of our client's show recordings and vlogs. It was a showcase of our team's resilience, proving that setbacks are just a part of the journey.

And speaking of discussions, imagine us dissecting the drone mishap while enjoying a delightful feast from one of Portland's famed food trucks. If you've ever been to Portland, you'll know – it's like stumbling upon a food truck oasis on every corner. Our post-crash summit involved not just talks but also grabbing some scrumptious bites, turning an unexpected twist into a memorable part of our creative journey.

Pro Tip: We choose Airbnb over hotels for these exact moments. The ability to recap and prep before and after each shoot day, all while building camaraderie, makes it invaluable. It's not always easy to find one with a bedroom for each person, but when we can, we go for it. If we can't, hotel it is.

In the grand finale, despite the turbulence and avian obstacles, we delivered not just one but a remarkable 11 episodes for our client's interior design show. The DJI Mavic 3 Cine crash, with its avian entanglements, was a minor blip in the grand production narrative. We salvaged stunning views from the wreckage, underscoring our dedication to getting the job done, hurdles notwithstanding.

So, the lesson from our unexpected drone mishap? Sometimes, the pursuit of cinematic perfection involves a dance with the birds, and setbacks are akin to airborne obstacles – they add spice to the production journey. The secret recipe for success? A touch of professionalism, a sprinkle of resilience, and a generous serving of positive energy, all seasoned with a bit of avian humor. Accidents happen, and there's no need to chew out your staff. In the end, we've got a noteworthy portfolio of 11 episodes, and the mishap? Just a fleeting moment in the tapestry of video production triumphs. #VideoProduction #Professionalism #Resilience #CreativeJourney #BirdDodgingAdventures

Devinwade Productions Staff


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