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The Basic 5 Step DIY Guide to Starting a Audio/Video Podcast in 2024 for any niche

Updated: Feb 13

Everything you need to know to have an idea on what it entails to start an audio and video podcast

How To Start a audio video Podcast in 2024 picture of a podcaster

Trial by fire is what lends credibility to our team, enabling us to author a 5-Step How-To Guide on initiating a basic audio/video podcast. Not only are we proprietors of a video production company and a podcast recording studio in New Jersey, but we also boast extensive experience as hosts ourselves. Our passion for all things podcasting is undeniable; however, we firmly believe that the process is often unnecessarily convoluted. Accurate information is hard to come by, and frankly, who wants to sift through all the fluff?

I must include a disclaimer. The steps I am about to share are tailored for a basic DIY podcast – a simple startup format suitable for individuals not necessarily aiming to visually distinguish themselves or create the ultimate audience experience. The following steps are designed to get you started, catering to those eager to hit record and lacking the budget (no shade intended) for a premium podcast production, which is the focal point of our video production company's specialization. Here's a little more on that.

We Make Great Shows, for Great People.

Enough with the not so subtle shameless plugs and back to helping you get started with launching your new podcast!


If the reason you are starting your podcast is for a quick income stream,DO NOT, read any further

There's a ton of podcasters who generate income from their shows, however, the vast majority do not.

Here is the main reason most people don't and the #1 reason why you will if you can do this one thing:

BE CONSISTENT. It is imperative that you create a "WHY" for your show before you start it. An example of a "why" could be simply because you are passionate about the topic you are going to create your podcast around and would talk about it even if no one listens. I mean that literally. The reality is, low listenership numbers can be one of the hardest obstacles to overcome.

What are the Nuts and Bolts of The Guide?

Step #1- Choose the Reason Why

Why are you starting your podcast? Write it down in a place where you will be able to reference it when you, quite frankly, want to quit. I advise you to write it in a language that will shake you up.

Ex. You are a Bad A$$ and You Love this Stuff.

Step #2- Selecting a Format

Decide if you want your podcast to be audio-only (which podcasting, by definition, is) or both audio and video. Tip: If the goal is to be consistent, choose the option that you will realistically be able to manage.

Audio Only - You will need to choose a podcast hosting platform. We highly recommend Buzzsprout; it is the podcast hosting platform that we use for all of our shows that we host and produce. There are other FREE resources as well, like Anchor. Best Microphone Features from 25 Experts

Video: I'll let you take a wild guess on the platform for hosting your video podcast... Yup, you guessed it - the second-largest search engine, YouTube. The goal would be to create a YouTube channel for your show. The cool part here with video is that your long-form content can be broken down into short, bite-size clips for your social media platforms. Tip: Record with your phone horizontally, 16:9 Aspect Ratio.

Step #3- Choose the Name of the Podcast

The first step with this is to define the objective of your show: Who are your target audience, and what will be on par with your brand? Once you are able to answer these questions, coming up with show names will be a lot easier. If you do not already have a logo, you will want to get one designed. The logo will go on what is called Podcast Cover art; your cover art is used on platforms like Apple Podcast and Spotify as a placeholder/icon for your show.

Step #4- Hit Record!

Remember, this is a DIY How-To Guide on starting a podcast. With that said, the key component here is going to be to make sure you or someone who loves you has a phone with enough storage to record you on a phone. The phone will output decent audio with the right microphone pairing. I would recommend Rode Go II Wireless to get started. There are many platforms you can use to record both audio and video. Zoom offers a free simple option to record your podcast and/or a guest; once you are done recording, it will export an MP3 and MP4 file. We've heard great things about Streamyard as well; again, it depends on your budget here.

Step #5- Time to Edit

Editing will be to your preference. There are beginners who take the file as is and upload directly to the audio/video hosting platforms (Buzzsprout/YouTube), etc. Our preferred editing software are Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro; truly a preference here. If you would like to edit, there are options in apps on your phone like CapCut, InShot to make smaller clips for social media.

Are you feeling empowered?

I hope you have at least a better idea of the process. This was a very, very brief overview of the process. There is a lot that we did not get to cover here, but that is out of respect for the average person's attention span.

Buzzsprout offers a "How to Start a Podcast 101" guide that we really like.

We are more than happy to consult with you on getting started with launching your podcast. Contact us directly to set up a consultation.

Check out our website for a list of a la carte services we offer. Maybe you just need a logo designed for your podcast- we've got you covered.

We could go on and on about how rewarding podcasting is, but it is something you just have to experience for yourself, and we want that experience for you!

Go For It.

Devinwade Productions Staff

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