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Driving Creativity: How Waymo's Autonomous Tech Sparks Innovation in Video Production at Devinwade Productions #waymo #videoproduction #marketingdigital #driverlessvehicle

In the ever-evolving landscape of creativity and innovation, our Creative Director, Devinwade, and our video production crew, recently found ourselves, faced with a mind-blowing experience that transcended the realms of traditional creativity. While we often pride ourselves on being the kings of creativity at Devinwade Productions, Waymo's autonomous driving technology blew our mind. Yup, no competition there, just straight-up innovation showing us how it's done. Picture this: our video production team, heading out to grab lunch one day while on a work trip in sunny Arizona. The Waymo spectacle hit us out of the blue, and we had to ditch our usual gear for a quick-draw iPhone 📲. No fancy setups, just the basics to capture the unexpected.

But, hold up, is this autonomous wonder strictly a West Coast jam? We're over here in the Tri-State area, wondering if Waymo's making any moves on the East Coast where our video production company, Devinwade Productions, is based.

The autonomous vibes got us thinking—could this shake up our video production game? Waymo's solo ride experience had us intrigued. As creators, we're all about pushing boundaries, and Waymo's doing just that on the roads.

From a business perspective, we can't help but wonder how Waymo stacks up against the old-school giants like Uber and Lyft. The real kicker is contemplating the possibility of requiring one less person to capture great shots. Imagine setting a destination, letting the digital creator/videographer do their thing—could this be a game-changer for the video production industry?

While we didn't delve deep into the research on Waymo's policies regarding capturing footage during the ride, the mere thought of capturing awesome b-roll or drone shots during an autonomous journey sparked our curiosity. This experience has left us contemplating the potential synergy between autonomous technology and video production.

The question arises: have you taken the driverless vehicle spin? If not, would you be willing to roll with the autonomous flow?

We invite you to share your unfiltered thoughts and join the conversation about the potential impact of autonomous driving on various industries, including video production.

Okay, full disclosure—we didn't hop into the Waymo ride; we observed the futuristic show from our own vehicle.

As we cruise into the future, stick around for updates on how this autonomous tech might just add a little extra spice to the creative concoction at Devinwade Productions, a video production company in NJ. We do, however, service video production service clients coast-to-coast.


Dec 27, 2023

Wow! That’s so cool and scary at the same time lol

Devinwade Productions Staff
Devinwade Productions Staff
Dec 27, 2023
Replying to

Yes, both literally and where technology is heading. We are excited though about possible innovation at our fingertips for our video production projects. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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